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Tanpri gade dat ak lè reyinyon CCD75 pwograme yo enkli lyen ak modpas. N ap kontinye pataje enfòmasyon anba komite

ak nan sit entènèt nou an. Nou espere pou sa ki pi bon epi nou vle asire ke fanmi Distri 75 nou yo an sekirite epi an sante. Madam Angel, Prezidan Komite pou Sensibilisation a, afiche enfòmasyon pou ede w atravè pandemi sa a. Nou espere enfòmasyon yo rasanble ede ou. ​


Manm Konsèy Vil la pou Distri 75 la

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Community Bulletin Board
Updates & Joint Public Hearings

March 2023 Newsletter

2023 Community and Citywide Education Council Elections

Elections for all New York City’s Education Councils are coming in January 2023! Parents across the city have an opportunity to help shape policies and priorities for NYC schools by voting for their representatives on a council or by running for a council seat themselves. There are 32 Community Education Councils, one for each NYC community school district, and four citywide councils. Learn about NYC Education Councils! 

Get to know your CEC's


How can I find out which meeting to attend?

Please view the schedule of all Education Council meetings . You can choose to attend only the meetings of the councils you will be voting for (your local CEC or CCHS, depending on your children’s grade level, and/or CCSE, CCELL or CCD75, depending on your children’s program) but any meeting that’s convenient for you to attend will give you an idea of what the Education Councils do.


Evènman k ap vini yo

  • Upcoming January 2023
    Virtual Event
    Missed registration for the December "Navigating Sexuality & Puberty" Series? Here's your chance to register ahead of time for January. The dates and times and confirmation will be sent out via email after registration on the council's website.

CCD75 Annual Report 2021-2022  

CCD75 Standing Committees:
(all committee meetings are open to the public.)
To join any committee listed click here:

Outreach Committee

Chair: Christi Angel 

Busing Committee

Chair: Shamel Lawrence

Annual Report Committee

Chair: Christi Angel

Legislative Committee

Chair: Patricia Jewett

Curriculum Committee

Chair: TBD

Safety Committee

Chair: Aisha Husbands

Transition Committee

Chair: Kristie Montalvan

CoChair: Patricia Jewett

Utility & Capacity Committee

Chair: Craig Spencer

Co-Chair: Constance Asiedu

Ad Hoc Elections Committee

Chair: Craig Spencer

Bylaws Committee

Chair: Constance Asiedu 

School Calendar​
2022-2023 School Calendar 


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