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Tanpri gade dat ak lè reyinyon CCD75 pwograme yo enkli lyen ak modpas. N ap kontinye pataje enfòmasyon anba komite

ak nan sit entènèt nou an. Nou espere pou sa ki pi bon epi nou vle asire ke fanmi Distri 75 nou yo an sekirite epi an sante. Madam Angel, Prezidan Komite pou Sensibilisation a, afiche enfòmasyon pou ede w atravè pandemi sa a. Nou espere enfòmasyon yo rasanble ede ou. ​


Manm Konsèy Vil la pou Distri 75 la

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CCD75 September 2023 Newsletter & Resources



The Responsibilities of Citywide Council Members include:

  • Issuing an annual report on how effectively the populations they represent are served, and

  • Making recommendations for improvements.

CEC members are required to attend a minimum of two trainings during their term of office and to submit a monthly performance report that includes meeting attendance records, school visits and committee activities. 

All Education Council members are required to attend each meeting of their council. Three or more unexcused absences (as defined in CR D-140) are grounds for dismissal.

Evènman k ap vini yo

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CCD75 Annual Report 2021-2022  

School Calendar​
2023-2024 School Calendar 


D75 Placement

District 75 Placement is now under the Office of Student Enrollment. If you need assistance you can contact this team by emailing

NYC DOE Updates 

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