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Busing Assistance

Need Help?

Are you having issues with your child's bus? Is the driver late, never arrived? Does your child have extended time on the bus and you would like to make adjustments? Do you need assistance with reimbursements? You've come to the right place. Let us assist in making the information more accessible. 

Parked School Buses

Please take the CCD75 Busing Survey. Let us know your experiences with the Office of Pupil transportation during the school year. 

 Use this link to access the survey here:                              

Image of a school bus parked by water way with an urban cityscape.  Student Transportation Survey.
Get Your Child Bus Information (NYCSA)
Transportation Rights
Transportation Eligibility
Transportation Request Form (past 4pm)

Alternative to Busing:

District 75 Travel Training Program

The District 75 Travel Training Program was founded by Peggy Groce in 1970, who directed the program until 2018. For the past fifty years, instructors have been teaching students with all types of disabilities except for blindness and low vision to travel alone on the bus or subway. The D75 program is the largest and longest-running in the country and has served as a model for other travel training programs around the country, including Easter Seals Project Action. Travel training fosters independence and can lead to increased opportunities for employment and is a crucial part of education for young people with disabilities.

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